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Danuli(chunjune) Limbu

I am a very expressive person and i would also say i am someone who is not afraid to speak, that i believe is one of the factor for a changemaker.
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I want to be a Changemaker because...

I am a very light thinker, besides of fantasy world i do not think anything keeps me up. But as i see things around me, i get very annoyed, sad, worried and frustrated. I know i cannot change everything overnight but i would love to join the set of people who are willing to join hands in making change. Because i believe that it takes one step at a time for a big picture. 

My Changemaker Pathway

Activist iconI am an Activist

I want to campaign to bring about political or social change.

My UN Sustainable Development Goal
Decent Work & Economic Growth

As part of #ChangeTheNow, I’m working on solving UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

My UN Sustainable Development Goal
Sustainable Cities & Communities

As part of #ChangeTheNow, I’m working on solving UN Sustainable Development Goal 11: making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

My Passport Stamps

#ChangeTheNow participants must complete modules centered around the Design Thinking process. Passport stamps are awarded as modules are completed.
My Mobius Module Completed
Team Canvass Module Completed
Changemaker in Residency Week Completed
Empathize Module Completed
Define Module Completed
Ideate Module Completed
Prototype & Test Module Completed
Pitch Module Completed
ME=WE Module Completed

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